Diversity Economics Institute

Leveraging AI for global DEI research to help transform the culture of your organisation

Who We Are

Non-Profit Global Research Organisation

Our mission is to build the economic case for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, underpinned by evidence-based research and feedback from people on the front lines.

We seek to become a trusted, credible, and objective voice in the industry — and we will be committed to bridging the gap between D&I strategy, execution and real-life experience. 

Companies with more diverse management teams have 19% higher revenues due to innovation.


What We Do

Bringing Strategy and Lived Experience Together

We are dedicated to building the economic case for D&I in the workplace. We objectively analyse the D&I strategies of the world's biggest companies and combine these insights with personal stories and voices from the frontline to help your organisation close the gap between strategy and employee experience.

We are very excited about Diversity Economics Institute (DEI), and we feel it is a necessary catalyst to ensure diversity and inclusion become a default part of the global workplace culture and mindset — and not just a tick-box exercise.

Only 35% of organizations have executive leadership teams that include four or more demographic groups.


Communities We Serve

Diversity is Multi-Faceted

Diversity Economics Institute is committed to supporting seven diverse communities. We will continually champion and support all marginalized communities who need their voices heard and amplified. 

We understand the importance of intersectionality across these communities. We will work to ensure that the Global Workplace (at the center of the image) and its leaders enrich their DEI Strategies and Cultural Change Priorities to reflect these critical nuances. 

The most ethnically and culturally diverse companies outperformed the least diverse companies by a staggering 36% on profitability.


Get Involved

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Why DEI?

The Case for Diversity

While there are many champions of diversity, there are also skeptics.

We need to work collectively toward the good of the whole community and provide a compelling library of evidence that clearly shows the role diversity plays in driving sustainable business growth. Global 1000 organisations will see Diversity Economics Institute as an important partner to help accelerate real outcomes in D&I.

Compelling Outcomes: A Four-Pronged Approach to Our Mission


Build a global and integrated open-source diversity and inclusion provider ecosystem database


Gather evidence from pioneering leaders of diverse communities, blending grass-roots sentiment and lived experiences


Leverage generative AI technologies to create objective analysis and peer benchmarking of Global 1000 D&I strategies


Create a two-way channel between DEI mentors and mentees in the workplace

Only 66% of workers think that companies make better decisions when there is employee diversity.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Resource Library

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